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Chinthalaya Vidyalayam established by His Holiness Bhagavan Chinthalayesan, Madadhipathi of Chinthalaya Ashramas, is located at Devancode in Kallikad panchayath in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. The Vidyalayam was established in 2004 in the present premises by the Chinthalaya Ashrama Trust at the behest of Bhagavan Chinthalayesan with the aim of addressing social backwardness through education. The Vidyalayam is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and provides English medium education in a rural setting.


The Vidyalayam is tucked away in the serene atmosphere of Devancode, a place abundantly blessed by Mother Nature and resplendent with the vibrant energy of the adjacent Adhyathma Chinthalaya Ashramam. Here, amidst the lush and beautiful foothills of the Western Ghats, two kilometres away from the Neyyar Dam, the Vidyalayam provides for the developmental needs of the children in a co-educational environment.

The Vidyalayam is committed to an educational style which is in constant communion with nature. Due to the pre-eminence of agriculture in the socioeconomic life (Kaarshika Samskaaram) in the Devancode area, it is also one of the objectives of the Vidyalayam to ensure technological advancement of the rural, agriculture based environment at Devancode through education of local children.

our Courses


For academic purposes Primary Section comprises of classes 1 to 6. It follows the CBSE curriculum and syllabus having two Semesters. The first semester runs from June to October and the second semester starts from Novemger and goes onto till March. Each semester has two Formative Assessment Evaluations and one Summative Assessment Evaluation. Our Vidyalayam strictly and closely observes and follows all the norms of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as prescribed by the CBSE.


The Secondary section comprises of classes 7 to 10. The first semester is from June to September and the second semester is from November to March. Each semester has two Formative Assessment Evaluations and one Summative Assessment Evaluation. The Vidyalayam also conducts Board Examination for class 10 for the students who prefer it. The NCERT curriculum and syllabus is followed.

Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary Section comprises of classes 11 and 12. Board Exams are conducted for Class 12. The Semester system is followed at the Senior Secondary level too. The Senior Secondary follows the science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology as complementary subjects.

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