Ohm! Sri Sath Gurave Namah:


    On the day Chinthalaya Vidyalayam was established, the long cherished desire of Bhagavan Chinthalayesan to provide quality education to the children of the tribal hamlet of Devancode, in Thiruvananthapuram district, was accomplished. This was an endeavour to uplift socially backward communities through quality English-medium education at minimum cost ,with free education to poor and needy children, especially tribal children. It is easy to see that this initiative is part of Bhagavan's mission of socio-economic and spiritual transformation of the community around Him.

    This transformational work of extraordinary proportions at Devancode started half a century ago, on the day Bhagavan set his Holy feet on the soil of Kallikad.Truth (Satya), Faith (Shradha), Devotion (Bhakthi) and Peace (Shanti) are the professed foundational values of Chinthalaya Ashram. These values stand as corner-stones to Bhagavan's persevering mission in Kallikad. The Vision, Mission and the goals of Chinthalaya Vidyalayam have been built atop these values to create responsible citizens for the future society.


    At Chinthalaya Vidyalayam, we believe that holistic education is the greatest transformation tool for humankind. We envision a learning ecosystem that will empower our students to harness their true potential and become leaders of tomorrow with Bhagwan Chinthalayeshan's love in their hearts and spirit of service to society in their minds.


  • To provide equitable and quality education to all children
  • To develop scientific temper with experiential learning that will enable our students to solve real-world challenges
  • To foster value-based learning through emphasis on ethical, moral, and spiritual values leading to empathy and love for those around them.
  • To help each student achieve excellence in the pursuit of knowledge by encouraging creativity and independent thinking.
  • To instill awareness about socio–economic realities of the world and to train them to be responsible and proactive global citizens.
  • To facilitate continuous learning for teachers and helping them adopt scientific teaching methodologies that will enable our Children to become the best version of themselves in their chosen path