• Admission to Chinthalaya Vidyalayam presupposes that you are ready to accept all rules and regulations of the school.
  • Parents have an important role as co-educators. To fulfil this role they should be knowledgeable about what happens at school and observant of the children's ativities and associations, and supportive of their personal study at home.
  • For a realistic assessment of their children's potential and actual performance at school, and to decide on the best remedial measures to be adopted at home, it is necessary to meet the Principal, Vice Principal and the teachers at regualr intervals and to be present at all PTA meetings, open-house sessions and special seminars on parenting.
  • The school formally communicates with the parents by means of progress reports, diary-remarks, circulars, etc. Please make sure that you see and sign them, and send them back promptly.
  • In the largest interest of their children, parents should avoid negative criticism of the school. Genuine grievances, if any, will be redressed if they are brought to the notice of the Principal in an honest and mature manner.


    The parents are encouraged to attend the open day meetings as these are excellent occasions to know and discuss their ward's progress and welfare with the principal and the teachers. There will be three open days during the academic year. An open day consists of three sections:

  • General Meeting with the Principal
  • Meeting with Class teachers
  • Meeting with other teachers


    Parents concerned and all students must remember that the articles listed below are not allowed in the campus. If found, they will be confiscated and never returned. Moreover, disciplinary action will be initiated against the offenders.

  • MOBILE PHONE(As per Kerala Government Order)
  • PEN DRIVE, CD, DVD or any such storage devices.

    No students are expected to be seen on the campus wearing low waist trousers/ear studs/wrist buds/T-shirts with tasteless pictures or offensive inscriptions. Boys should follow clean regular haircuts. Children are not allowed to let their hair coloured inside the campus. Students who need shaving, especially senior students, must be clean-shaven every day and they should not enter the campus sporting beards of any style. Parents are expected to discourage them aping fashion freaks and being show-offs.

Visit of Parent

    Parent may visit the school and meet the teacher after 03.30 pm set apart for parent teacher meeting to know the progress of their wards.

    Parents are warned against sending strangers to pick up children from school.